Month: February 2018

Exploring The Amazing World Of Science

Our Missions

All people are born Natural Learners. “Real Learning” does not take place without the active engagement of the learner.Balanced Learning is a multi-sensory activity.Creative Materials and Environments positively effect learning.The most fundamental role of a teacher is to nurture and encourage self motivated discovery. We¬†Assist Educators through¬†the Development and Delivery ofInnovative Educational Materials, and Application…
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The State of Education – Its Past – Its Future

How can we teach students to become more intelligent than we are? The inventor of Kindergarten, Friedrich Froebel’s framed this question in the mid 1800’s. His answer, formed the unifying foundation for all his educational endeavors. The essence of Froebel’s answer is genius and beautifully simple… We Must Teach Them How to Know.  His answer was the Kindergarten. …
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